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The difference between organic and normal sanitary products? Check the labels before using!

This month our focus topic is on understanding the difference between organic and normal sanitary products. Often I get asked, what is the difference anyway between organic and non-organic? Well, today will be the first crash course towards understanding what it is you are putting into your body. Ready? Right, let’s go!

Firstly, If only all women knew of the poisons found listed in the right-hand column and their harmful effects on them directly as they insert and contaminate their bloodstream, every month for 5 – 7 days. Not only this, but women who are currently diagnosed with serious diseases are unaware that their already compromised immune system is being further attacked by these toxins. Even more scary is the effect on embryos.

This is not something to keep secret, we women need to stand together in the fight against these unscrupulous, harmful products which might have long-term effects such as cervical cancer and many more after some time. The difference between organic and non-organic products is that organic products are biodegradable, they have no toxins, and no harmful substances are used in the manufacturing process. On the other hand, non-organic (normal) products are often manufactured using toxins. So you might be wondering what you can do next. Well, as a starting point we have put together a list of all toxic ingredients that you would usually find in pads and tampons around us. 

See the below list with the potential risks to your health, get to know them and check the ingredients that go into your prefered brand for your awareness.

  • Dioxin (Human Carcinogen meaning it can cause cancer) – Click Here for more info
  • Formaldehyde (Cancer Causing) – Click Here for more info
  • Chlorine (Harmful to Vaginal Health) – Click Here for more info
  • Pesticides (Cancer Causing) – Click Here for more info
  • Dicamba (Cancer-Causing Toxin) – Click Here for more info
  • Glyphosate (Cancer-causing Toxin) – Click Here for more info
  • Trihalomethane (Abnormal Reproductive Growth) – Click Here for more info
  • BPA (Bisphenol A) (Birth Defects) – Click Here for more info
  • BPS (Bisphenol S) (Birth Defects) – Click Here for more info
  • Phthalates (Birth Problems) – Click Here for more info
  • DEHP (Cause of Organ Failure) – Click Here for more info
  • Fragrances (Risk of Infection) – Click Here for more info

As much as we check the labels with the food we consume, we need to do so with the products we let our bodies consume too. You might be happy to know that we offer a range of organic products from our FemConnect online store, have a look and treat yourself to some natural, chemical-free products. In the meantime, always remember #WeGotUgirl every day!

What is the difference between organic and normal sanitary products? Check the label before using it!
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